Bard Kugel Hernia Patch

The Nature of the Device: A hernia consists of an organ’s protruding through the organ wall, and the usual sign of it is a painful lump in the abdomen or groin. The Bard Kugel mesh hernia patch is intended to repair ventral hernias, which are often caused by thin or stretched scar tissue that forms after surgery, and that can give way under pressure. C. R. Bard, Inc. marketed its product as the first self-expanding patch for both sides of a ventral hernia. The device has a “memory recoil ring” that is folded, inserted through an abdominal incision, and then made to unfold inside the patient’s body.

The Hazards of the Kugel Mesh: The memory recoil ring can break after being implanted. That can cause bowel perforation, abdominal fistula, or bowel obstruction, with life-threatening bleeding or infection resulting in severe cases. A defective patch has to be removed and replaced with some other device, moreover, thereby exposing the patient to surgical risks such as infection.
Apart from memory-recoil-ring failure, Kugel Mesh recipients have also experienced pain, abdominal distension, tenderness at the implant site, fever, and infection. The patch has reportedly caused one death. Many people have sued C. R. Bard because of injuries from the product.

To Obtain Legal Relief: People who have been injured by the Bard Kugel hernia mesh may have valuable legal rights. Attorney Stephen A. Katz is available at (800) 251-3529 for a free consultation, or for legal representation.