Attorney Stephen A. Katz represents victims of dangerous drugs and dangerous medical devices.

A pharmaceutical drug or medical device, though intended to help the user, can cause injury. And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s approving the product does not guarantee that it is safe. Bladder cancer, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, bone fractures, suicidal thoughts, and other injuries have been linked to drugs that the FDA pronounced safe. And medical devices such as FDA-approved hip and knee implants, have left metal shavings in users’ bodies, leading to elevated cobalt and chromium blood levels, hip-joint cysts, fluid buildup, and tissue or bone damage. Drugs and medical devices can be hazardous, in other words, in unforeseen ways.

The manufacturer is usually not liable for mild side effects that it warned of. But when a drug or device (a) has been defectively manufactured; (b) produces a dangerous side effect; or (c) has been marketed for a use that the FDA did not approve the product for—in those cases the manufacturer can be liable.

Other parties may also bear responsibility. Laboratories, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and sales representatives have been named in victims’ lawsuits, depending on the case’s facts.
An attorney who is knowledgeable about dangerous-drug and dangerous-medical-device litigation can obtain money damages for the victim of such a product. If you believe that you have been injured by a dangerous drug or a dangerous medical device, you may need a lawyer. You may have valuable legal rights that must be asserted within a limited time period, or they will be lost.
Attorney Stephen A. Katz is available to represent victims of dangerous drugs and dangerous medical devices. He can be contacted through this website, or at (800) 251-3529, (212) 349-6400, or SAKatz00@Gmail. Attorney Katz will discuss your case free of charge, and he charges no attorney’s fee until he has obtained money damages for his client.
(Other parts of this website describe specific Dangerous Drugs and Dangerous Medical Devices, the injuries that such a product can cause, and the litigation that it has spawned. Please view those website pages to learn more about a drug or medical device that you have been exposed to.)