Medical Devices

A medical-device manufacturer can discover that its product has a serious health risk, even if the device is used correctly. If a medical device cannot be used safely, then the manufacturer should recall the product, issue new instructions, or replace defective or poorly designed parts. Many patients with surgical implants have sued when the device caused a serious injury.

Thus, patients have sued manufacturers of:

  • pain pumps
  • hip replacements
  • knee replacements
  • vaginal-mesh implants
  • birth-control devices
  • surgical appliances
In addition to facing individual lawsuits, manufacturers of dangerous medical devices have faced class-action suits, plus government action such a recall by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you believe that you or a loved one was injured by a dangerous medical device, you may need a lawyer. You may have valuable legal rights that must be asserted within a limited time period or they will be lost.

Attorney Stephen A. Katz is available to represent victims of dangerous medical devices. He can be contacted through this website, or at (800) 251-3529, (212) 349-6400, or SAKatz00@Gmail. Attorney Katz will discuss your case free of charge, and he charges no attorney’s fee until he has obtained money damages for his client.